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  Kilim Sumak Cicim
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Blue Highlights Handmade Turkish Sumak 6'1" x 9'4"

This new handmade Turkish Sumak has a pale golden background with repeating designs of abstract florals.  The border is solid indigo with slight color variations.  The fringe has a pretty braid.

Item #W24

Price: $1250  Special price $1100

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Bold and Beautiful Handmade Turkish Sumak 5'9"x8'11"

Single, bold medallion has a dramatic effect.  This Sumak was recently handmade in Turkey and has a khaki brown background.  There are trees of life and heads of running dogs in medallion--positive, ancient symbology--and brick red, gray, green and red.  The medallion is surrounded by beautiful floating flowers and coinciding corner pieces.  There are multiple borders including pretty stars.

Item #W19

Price: $1295  Special price $1150

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Bold Geometrics Handmade Turkish Sumak 6'3"x9'8"

Two grand medallions on cafe au lait background with brick red interiors and fun florals and geometris.  This new Sumak was handmade in Turkey.  It has multiple borders including heads of running dogs (for good luck!) on outer edge.






Item #W18

Price: $1225  Special price $1050

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Earthtones--New Handmade Turkish Sumak 5'10"x9'

This Sumak flatweave was recently made in Turkey.  This piece has a range of velvety browns and multiple borders with geometrics and flowers.  The outer border is heads of running dogs for good luck!  Colors include maroon with color variations and khaki green.  The central design is a large tree of life.

RugListings/IMG_4760.JPG RugListings/IMG_4762.JPGRugListings/IMG_4761.JPGRugListings/IMG_4763.JPG



Item #W16

Price: $1350  Special price $1225

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Elegant Turkish Handmade Soumak 5'11"x9'10"

This Sumak flatweave was recently made in Turkey. This piece has a solid background of salmon with slight color variations and all over little flower buds. There is a central circle of roses (red and pale blue).  The border with tulips is on washed out indigo background.  A navy ribbon on the interior border frames small roses with leaves. 



Item #W15

Price: $1250  Special price $1125

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Finely Woven Handmade Turkish Soumak 6'4"x9'5"

This flatwoven Sumak was made recently in Turkey.  It has a light peach background with two medallions (beige background brick red and forest green and soft gold).  Multiple borders including heads of running dogs, for good luck, on outer edge.  

Item #W20

Price: $1325  Special price $1225

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Fun Animals Handmade Turkish Sumak 5'9"x9'7"

This new handmade Turkish Sumak has a soft brick red background with large rectangle interior full of fun designs--ram horns and funny animals.  Multiple borders include wide border with light indigo background with variations, soft golden yellow, chocolate brown and touches of green.  There is a green and tan stripe on each edge. 

Item #W23

Price: $1200  Special price $1075

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Handmade Turkish Sumak 5'9"x 10'

This new handmade flatwoven Sumak is from Turkey.  It has a golden brown background and four borders.  Two borders are flowers and leaves and the outer border is heads of running dogs--for good luck!  The inside is full of fine geometrics and shades of tan, greens and brick red. 


Item #W13

Price: $1350  Special price $1200

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New Room Size Turkish Sumak 9'2" x 11'10"
Red background sets off blues, green, orange, yellow and brown.  The rare flatweave with embroidery Sumak is a valuable addition to your home. Item #A121

Price $5900 

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New Turkish Flatwoven Sumak 7'8" x 9'10"
The traditionally flatwoven and embroidered Sumak is a rarity.  Red background with uplifting repeating designs.  Blue, green, gold and orange. Item #A125

Price $3250 

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New Turkish Room Size Sumak 11'2" x 13'5"
Dramatic and vibrant.  Red central background and blue central medallion and wide border.  Highlights of green, orange and pink.  The flatwoven and embroidered Sumak is rare and valuable and very durable.  Item #A122

Price $6500 

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New Turkish Sumak 9' x 13'7"

Traditional flatwoven with embroidery, the Sumak is rare and valuable.  This one has a striking red background with blue, green, brown and orange.  Made from all natural dyes. 

Item #A120

Price $5750 

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